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Hi, my name is Brandon and I’m a native of Arizona. After an eye-opening experience working for a real estate funding company back in 2014, I noticed there were not many options for lending to buyers of mobile homes on leased land. I got into this business to help disadvantaged mobile homeowners who consistently get taken advantage of by corporate mobile home parks.

Mobile homeowners are typically lower-income earners who need affordable manufactured homes. The smallest of changes like inflation or temporary job loss can be devastating. Mobile home parks collateralize owners’ homes in the event that an individual gets past due on their space rent. Mobile home parks find ways to retain those individuals’ homes in the event of small life changes.

My team and I find ways to help mobile home owners get out of a tough spot by helping them buy time to list their mobile home for market value or if we cannot fight for the client to get them time from the mobile home park management or owners to list their home, we will make a fair cash offer that is 100% obligation-free.

As both Arizona mobile home investors and licensed, reputable mobile home dealers, we have the flexibility to find the best solution to sell a home fast! My wife, Allie, and I have a burning passion to aid those first-time buyers in purchasing their first mobile home. If, after a few years you find that outgrown your home, she can step in to help find their first single-family residential mobile home provided by Alexandra Pfannenstiel PLLC Real Estate Firm.

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